Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini:CBweed of Rimini is one of the many shops that were born in Italy to sell light cannabis and products derived from light hemp.Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

 Among these, food and drinks, such as biscuits, candies, wine, energy drinks, beers, infusions, but also cosmetics, clothing, footwear, gadgets. Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

Entire cannabis shop chains have sprung up, including franchises, as in the case in via Bertola.Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

In Italy, activity has been legal since January 2017, and in May 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture had officially certified that producing and selling cannabis light in Italy is allowed.Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

But the regularity of this trade was seriously jeopardized by the ruling of the Court of Cassation, which on May 30, 2019 established that the sale of products derived from the inflorescences of cannabis light constitutes a crime. Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

The verdict specifies that the law does not allow the sale or transfer in any capacity of products “derived from the cultivation of cannabis” , including oil, leaves, inflorescences and resin.Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

In addition, a year ago the Higher Health Council gave a negative opinion on the sale of hemp in cannabis light shops. Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

For his part,  Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on the cannabis shops was very clear:  “I want to see them closed one by one. There will be carpet checks. Now enough, it takes strong manners. ”  

Result: total confusion. Many who have invested in this promising sector, starting with the farmers, are now sweating cold.Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

Fabio Elleri and Nicola Fabbri , owners of CBweed Shop Rimini, try to explain how things are and in what situation they found themselves.Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

What is cannabis light | Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

«The so-called” Cannabis light “is a particular type of cannabis, legal in our country as it lacks what is called in the jargon” doping effect “. This occurs given that the plant, obtained from genetic crossings, has a psychotropic active ingredient (THC) lower than the maximum limit allowed by law of 0.6% “. 

And isn’t it a drug?

“No. Just think that the classic marijuana considered “drug” generally contains much higher amounts of THC (often between 10% and 20%), to understand that cannabis light, with its small content of active ingredient, cannot really stand comparison ».Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

But if it doesn’t “bust”, what is the sense of cannabis light?

«Right observation. There is an explanation for this too. After having clarified the THC issue, it is important to underline a second important characteristic of the product: the high percentage of CBD contained in it. CBD is another active ingredient naturally present in Cannabis Sativa L. (the botanical name of all cannabis), and which reaches very high peaks in cannabis light (10% -20%). CBD, unlike its cousin THC, has no psychotropic effects, indeed it brings a number of benefits to the human body (but not only) proven scientifically and medically. It is a powerful muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antidepressant, antiemetic and natural antiepileptic. It can be a valid alternative to the classic over-the-counter analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines when it comes to headache, back pain,menstrual pain, difficulty falling asleep, but also in situations of intense stress and anxiety. In addition to this series of “medium” problems, CBD can help fight the symptoms of much more serious pathologies such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dystrophies, epileptic seizures, fibromyalgia and invasive treatments such as chemotherapy “.

How did the legislative chaos you find yourself in arise?

«On December 2, 2016, law 242/16 was promulgated which regulates and allows the cultivation of the varieties of Cannabis Sativa L. contained in the European list of plants with THC lower than the legal limits.
The measure, which entered into force on 14 January 2017, was aimed at promoting and encouraging the hemp supply chain at national level, supporting the works of cultivation, transformation, bioengineering, research, development, production and consumption of hemp-based semi-finished products » .

And then?

«This“ green light ”has allowed many young entrepreneurs to use all their ideas and energies in creating a totally new, cutting-edge business (for our country), built on the basis of important ethical and social values. The goal of the hundreds of companies that have sprung up since January 14, 2017 to date has always been the common one to stop the persecution and demonization of the cannabis plant, to show its real uses and multiple benefits to a wider and not only niche audience ».

But not everyone is apparently convinced. What problems did you have?

“Some political parties and law enforcement agencies have often given merchants of cannabis light products a hard time, also on the basis of a regulatory vacuum that does not explicitly clarify how the cannabis light flower can be sold and used. To date, in fact, it is marketed for research and laboratory analysis purposes, as a collection product or air freshener, in short, not for human consumption of any kind. A real contradiction, if we consider all the beneficial effects that CBD can scientifically bring to the body and the non-existence of a doping effect. In these two and a half years of activity, cannabis light shops have often been subject to checks, as is normal, but also to real blitzes and roundups,with consequent seizures and complaints for detention and drug dealing against the owners. In this regard, the various sections of the cassation then expressed themselves by issuing discordant sentences: some in favor of traders, others totally against ».

Until the last pronouncement of the Cassation. And now?

«On May 30th, the united sections met to find a meeting point on the subject, also in the face of the threats of closure made at the beginning of the month by the Minister of the Interior Salvini towards the cannabis light business. There is no doubt that the political elections of May 26 are the main cause for which cannabis light has been targeted by right-wingers, but also and fortunately defended by other political forces, which continue their struggle for awareness and legalization of the so-called “soft drugs” “.

What exactly does the sentence say?

«Waited with excitement by politics, but above all by the entrepreneurs and workers of the world of cannabis light, the Cassation ruling of 30 May did nothing but reiterate concepts already widely known, without clarifying the points that have so far caused clashes and uncertainty. In the short text the reference to law 242/16 is reaffirmed, which allows the cultivation of certain types of cannabis but which totally excludes the varieties not mentioned, which, in simple terms, constitute those with high THC with a “doping” effect ».Where To Buy Marijuana in Rimini

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