Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia:In the center of Italy is located a small student town called Perugia. A few hours from Rome, it is a perfect destination for sightseeing and smoking weed.

It was an important city during the 16th century, as you can see almost everywhere when you`re in the old city center.

Some of the oldest universities are located in Perugia, so it is known as one of Italy`s main student cities.

As in the rest of Italy, you can find weed, if you have proper information on where to get it.

Keep reading as we`re going to provide you with all the information you may need for weed in Perugia!

Cannabis Law in Perugia | Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

Cannabis Law in Perugia:Weed is decriminalized and a lot of people use it in Italy.  When it comes to weed, police takes different actions based on the city you`re currently in. We can say that Roman police is the most weed-friendly, and the Venician police is known as the anti-drug squad.

According to the law, you can carry a personal stash, which is considered to be around a gram of weed.  If you get caught with more, they can charge you as a dealer and fine you for up to 75 000 euros or 2-6 years in jail.

If you`re a first time offender,  you may get out with a warning, presuming you have under 1.5 g of weed.Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

One of the best advice you can get is not to carry weed around.

There is a lot of buzz around weed in Italy in recent time, medical marijuana is already legalized and even cultivated by the authorities.

Where to buy weed in Perugia

Weed is probably all around you while you`re in Perugia, but you just don`t know it yet. Your best chances of finding weed is going out to the old city center. To be precise, the main square called Piazza IV Novembre. Over there, you`ll see massive stairs with a lot of people, especially young people, like to spend their time.Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

If you won`t smell it, then just ask someone who is sitting beside you on the stairs. Remember to be discreet and polite since it is still illegal.  Your best chance could be with Morrocans, as they mostly have their own hash and deal it in Perugia.Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

If you did not find anyone on the Piazza, try walking down the Corso Vannuci. Probably your best time to scout for weed in Perugia is in the evening, especially on weekends.Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

Advice from our user :

                I was on a holiday in Perugia a couple of years ago, we`re starving for some weed and couldn`t find anything! After that we asked some locals and they told us to go to the main square and search for some Morrocans on the stairs. Fortunately for us, around the time we were over there, it was a jay and reggae festival, and the whole stairs on the main square were filled with Morrocans and African immigrants. We just got into the crowd and we were instantly blased with the wind of weed smoke. We asked the first Morrocan girld in the crowd and she sold us a g for 10 euros. Good luck.

Weed Prices in Perugia

As for the prices, it depends if you`re really into smoking weed, or you can pass with some Morrocan hash. Since weed is pretty rare in Italy as most of the market is filled with hash, it costs more than hash. If they see you`re a tourist, you`re definitely going to pay more than locals. Where To Buy Marijuana in Perugia

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