Where To Buy Marijuana in Latina

Where To Buy Marijuana in Latina

Where To Buy Marijuana in Latina:Last year, we reported on several Latinas in cannabis who have created a space within the highly lucrative yet still young (legally) cannabis business. Where To Buy Marijuana in Latina

This is a feat worth not only mentioning, but championing, as, in 2017, according to Marijuana Business Daily, Hispanics and African Americans together accounted for only 10% of cannabis founders and owners, compared to 81% of White entrepreneurs.Where To Buy Marijuana in Latina

And when it comes to Latinas in cannabis, we are even less present in the weed industry–but we are present. In fact, here are three more Latinx women making moves in the cannabis world that you should know about. 

Claudia L. Mercado of Calibueno | Where To Buy Marijuana in Latina

When BoldLatina asked Claudia what has been the biggest challenge she has had to overcome with her venture, she shared, “Figuring out all of the regulatory compliance at a local and state level and having to constantly pivot and strategize as the industry continuer to evolve.” Claudia’s efforts to drive her business and her leadership in the cannabis space have led her to be accepted as part of Cohort 8 of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI) to help her grow her network and scale Calibueno through fundraising.

Claudia’s best advice to fellow weed entrepreneurs who want to enter the cannabis space is to, “Get involved at the local level as soon as possible. Without local approval, the state will not grant a state license. There is still a lot of local governments that do not want cannabis and it’s, unfortunately, leaving a lot of communities vulnerable as they continue to resort to the black market and consume unsafe products.”

To learn more about weed entrepreneurs of color like Claudia and the growth of cannabis business in California – listen to Latino USA’s ‘Weed The People’ podcast episode.

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