Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence:Florence, as the capital of the Tuscany region, is a world recognized city by its stunning and historical architecture. If you’ve ever played an iconic Assassins’ Creed 2, then you probably know every single corner of this breathtaking city. We’ve played this game so long and we simply fell in love on the first sight with the city. The city is renowned by Duomo, an iconic cathedral that features the widest and biggest dome in the world. The city is not only known for its stunning architecture and heritage but also people start to recognize the natural beauty surrounding the city.Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Exploring such a beautiful place sounds even better while smoking some cannabis, right? Well, keep reading as we’re going to provide you with all information related to weed in Florence.Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Cannabis Laws in Florence, Italy

Italy is very close to the full legalization of cannabis. The country legalized medicinal and industrial cannabis, but regulations are very strict which makes cannabis not very available for patients because of high costs. Further, recreational smoking and possession of small amounts are decriminalized which means you can expect to pay a fine. Also, what’s very weird is that if you, as an Italian citizen get caught with a small possession, you can face a suspension of your personal documents such as passport or driver’s license.Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purpose is legal, but you have to have a registered business and comply with strict regulations. You, as a certified grower, can’t use any seeds, but must obtain official seeds provided by the government which has high costs compared to commercial seeds.

Italy invented a new law, often called cannabis light which allows growers to grow cannabis plants from non-authorized plants as long as levels of THC are minimal (no more than 0.2%).

People can openly buy low-THC cannabis from official resellers just with ID or another personal document. It’s very interesting how Italy legalized low-THC cannabis. We recommend reading more about it.Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Another interesting fact, that applies to Florence is that bottled alcohol is prohibited and you can’t buy a bottle of beer or wine after 10 pm. Police enforce that law more than cannabis laws, so it seems smoking weed in Florence is not the major focus, but always be careful and use your common sense.Where To Buy Marijuana in Florence

Where to Get Weed in Florence

Since new laws regarding cannabis are in power, getting cannabis in Florence is extremely easy. In fact, you can legally buy a low-THC bud, if that’s your thing.

For people who want to get a real buzz, we recommend avoiding touristic places such as Piazza Della Signoria, Uffizi and Piazza del Duomo. These places are often watched by police and even if you get your hands on weed you can expect to pay more than usual.

The best place to buy is by far the Santa Maria Novella area since the market is very huge and the prices are competitive. The only downside is the security of the place since many petty crimes happen there.

The best places to score weed in Florence are: 

  • African market San Niccolo
  • San Salvi park
  • Ulisse bar
  • Saint Spirito (Caffe Notte)
  • Piazza Brunelleschi

Places to avoid while buying weed:

  • Santa Croce
  • San Lorenzo
  • Santa Maria Novella train station

Anyway, since Florence is a university city, it’s advisable to get to know some people before buying cannabis. Be careful while buying and use your common sense all the time.

Cannabis Prices in Florence

Cannabis prices on the street for a home-grown hybrid ranges from $15 – $25 per gram. Hash is very prevalent in Florence and many people prefer smoking hash over cannabis buds. The prices for a gram of Moroccan hash start at $12. While buying weed on the street, it’s advisable to know people as you will definitely save loads of money and get better deals (like everywhere).

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