Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari:News, problems and difficulties.

 Legal cannabis deals with the Italian reality and even in Sardinia someone tries.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

 Behind there is the courage and the desire to jump over the bureaucratic obstacles of Massimo, a businessman from Cagliari who owns Cannabis Express Delivery.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

Meanwhile, the openings of the legal cannabis outlets are flourishing. In 2017 there were about 120 in Italy. Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

How to say one every three days. On the one hand, the initial investment content, on the other, the possibility of large revenues push the market.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

 After the opening of the stores, the Delivery service also arrives in the major Italian cities starting from: Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence. The Delivery service also arrives in Sardinia, starting from Cagliari.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

Customers who want to buy cannabis light have to pay 8 to 17 euros per gram, while for a single seed you can even pay ten euros. The kit for self-cultivation rises to 300 euros.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

For now, Cannabis Express Delivery has selected only a variety of inflorescences called Purple Haze and sells it in two formats: one gram at fifteen euros and three grams at thirty eight euros up to an order of forty five euros, two euros must be added for delivery.

Legal cannabis with the Delivery service therefore arrives in Sardinian soil. In the site canex.it all the information to better know the properties of this plant, perhaps too often mistreated.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari


How and why did you start the Cannabis Express Delivery project| Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari |Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

The project starts in the middle of last year. I returned to Sardinia in August as I was abroad for my main business.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

 I immediately heard about the fact that in Italy the law authorizing the sale of hemp had been published in the Official Journal for some months.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

 At the beginning it was a shock, but then the passion for this plant with infinite properties that have always been accused of being a drug led us to put this idea up.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  • An idea that then develops on a particular service, with delivery, almost like food.

In the era of delivery such as Justeat, Deliveroo and Prestofood and so on, it seemed right to us to found the first delivery of cannabis. To understand well how to move and not to make false steps, being a very particular and poorly regulated sector, we managed to open only on July 7th.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  • Legal cannabis? Tell us how it works.

So let’s start by saying that hemp derivatives can be grouped into 3 large families: seed derivatives; fiber derivatives; the inflorescences; The derivatives from seeds are all those products that everywhere we find for sale rich in quality certifications, also recommended by medicine for their properties (oil is made by squeezing the seeds, flour is made by mincing the seeds).
Fiber derivatives are fabrics, ropes and paper, all products whose use is encouraged, precisely because they come from seasonal plants and are therefore eco-sustainable products.
The inflorescences, which are our flagship product, are instead excluded from the legislation, however, since they are not narcotic, they can be marketed, but here is the beauty, there is no use for them. Therefore they must be labeled as collectible products, technical products or room fragrances and even do not recommend any human use.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  •  Then, a few weeks ago, the intervention of the Superior Health Council which expressed itself and enriched the debate.

They reiterated this concept. But where did the question come from, nobody underlined it. All over Europe, we are talking about France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Romania, etc.) these inflorescences can be used as foodstuffs as combustion products and in practically any way, in Italy instead this is prohibited and since so much of this Cannabis comes from Foreign Customs also asked CSS for an opinion to understand how to deal with importers. Because at food customs it becomes a collection product! And the CSS response was, as we all read, that the product cannot be used in any way by people, but only because they don’t have enough studies on it. Therefore they cannot give specifics on the effects on health, whether these are positive or negative.So for now the inflorescences remain technical products!Hoping they will find the time and funds to carry out the research rather than churning out peremptory and unmotivated prohibitions.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  • How does your business work? Why the choice of not having a point of sale?

The choice not to have a store stems from several factors. First of all, the boost certainly comes from the new markets created by the apps for food delivery and the explosive growth they are having. Then it greatly eases the business organization and allows you to offer the service for a longer period of time with less staff. But then the product returns to the center of the choice, however illegal until about 18 months ago. Not everyone likes to be seen in a marijuana-themed shop, not everyone would like to be out of a cannabis shop and maybe meet their son’s teacher.
We proposed something as simple as possible. Get in touch with us on the website, telephone, FB, IG, Whatsappand within an hour a weeder (that’s the name of the regularly hired bellboys) comes to your home and delivers what you have booked on the site or by other means, or offers you the products you were interested in. Always for confidentiality, distrust of customers and in any case to simplify the process as much as possible, payment is made directly on delivery. Our weeder are equipped to make you pay on delivery also with credit card debit card or with rechargeable cards. In a very short time, however, we will also insert the possibility of paying directly from the site because, contrary to expectations, it is highly requested.

  • Why should we change the mentality of cannabis?

The mentality about cannabis needs to be changed for several reasons, the first and biggest being the story. And history should be the cornerstone of development, what has prohibition brought about? let’s think about the history of the United States and almost a hundred years after the end of prohibition there are still films about the gang stars that formed in those years. At the end of the prohibition, then it was not all roses and flowers, but alcohol has become a social scourge that we still cannot define resolved. Here, now a hundred years more or less, it was 1917 when they wrote the New York Tax Act where precisely they prohibited cannabis and even had a plan for the planned extinction of the plant. oil companies who feared losing their huge investments due to bioethanol,a fuel derived from hemp. But today, that time has passed and we live in a fairly open world where research should be the basis of development, I believe it is right to study a plant in a concrete way that can offer us more than thirty beneficial active ingredients.

  • What difficulties are you facing and how are you overcoming them? What fears do potential customers have?

The biggest difficulties are given by advertising. It may seem strange, but all online advertising channels, which represent the giants of the web like Google and Facebook, prohibit the promotion of inflorescences since the legislation does not define well what the allowed uses are. In the start-up phase, however, the really difficult thing was to understand what can and cannot be done. Where it really is legal and where you risk it. If one imagines taking some cannabis and dividing it at home and reselling it, well, one is wrong! It takes a special laboratory, a declared packaging procedure, a bit like food, all accompanied by laboratory analyzes carried out by recognized and authorized laboratories, but they must be done both by the agricultural producer who seals the product and sends it,then those who receive it must make an analysis again and then they can pack, keeping track of the origin of the content of each sachet and then recording with lot and packaging numbers.

  • A little complex I would say …

It does not end here. Try to imagine? It is not legal I miss this! this is the method used by those who currently pack but nobody can tell you that it is the right way. So for now we have chosen to devote ourselves to the search for products of the highest quality which are however packaged by other companies.

  • Which clientele do you turn to?

Our clientele is mainly those of knowledgeable people. Adults and aware. The product is not an amazing drug so the sale would be free but by choice we do not sell to minors. For now our younger customers are around 30 years old and we go up to 50-55 but from the phone calls I receive I think even older people are interested. Obviously, since no use is foreseen, I cannot instigate anyone to use it in any way, therefore I tell you that our public is aware, they know what they are looking for.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  • In these months what have you noticed? What are the impressions since you started the business? Can you tell us some episodes?

We have been open for about ten days so let’s say that I still have little to tell, except that I perceive distrust. Those who don’t know it write me that I sell drugs, others who certainly know illegal marijuana write me that I sell salad. Here, I would like to slowly create a little more general knowledge, not only to increase sales, but to make more people understand that it is not drugs or salad, or that it can be both, but in any case it is a plant with many active ingredients and as such should be treated.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  • Imagine a situation that is not so rare: if the police forces stop a person who has just bought cannabis from you, how should he behave?

So here too a distinction must be made. If the weeder has just given him the package, and therefore it is still sealed, he can feel comfortable, just for the factors I told you about earlier. Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

In the package there is a lot and package number that refer to the manufacturer and all the data of the chemical analyzes, the seal is present and therefore the story should end.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari
The problem arises instead with an open package. In that case no one guarantees that the product is the one indicated on the label and therefore it could be seized and subjected to verification, to evaluate the concentration of thc which cannot in any case exceed 0.6%. Once this is verified, the remaining contents of the package are returned to the owner. If this were not the case, that is, someone would replace the contents of a package with illegal marijuana, obviously all the appropriate measures would be taken.
Earlier I said ‘should’ because if the law enforcement representative was particularly zealous, no one could stop him from testing the person arrested for drugs. Obviously also this test, look for the thc, practically imperceptible on legal cannabis.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari

  •  Let’s talk about the future. Will you stop at this opening and sale or do you have other developments in your business project in mind?

Well, fantasy is fantasy. Actually we started with the delivery only in Cagliari, but now we have made some space in the Hinterland and the time has come to insert other products in the catalog, hemp snacks and drinks, cbd oil and some care products of the person! Once we verify, let’s call it a running-in phase, we will try to cover another center. But for now let’s dedicate ourselves to the province and let’s see what the regulatory developments will be.Where To Buy Marijuana in Cagliari