Where To Buy Marijuana in Bergamo

Where To Buy Marijuana in Bergamo

Where To Buy Marijuana in Bergamo:We are the first legal hemp shop in Bergamo, we offer light cannabis flowers with THC under the limits of the law, therefore perfectly legal in Italy. Only high quality seedless legal hemp flowers.Where To Buy Marijuana in Bergamo

What is Cannabis Light

The Cannabis Light or industrial hemp or legal hemp, both in smell and touch, is perfectly identical to the illegal counterpart, but with a THC content lower than that permitted by current law (Law 2 December 2016, n.242) and does not conflict the drug law (Presidential Decree 309/90).

Have you ever seen cannabis up close?
If you are curious, come to Bergamo, in via Borgo Palazzo 90 to see it with your own eyes and feel its intense perfume.

Why Cannabis Light | Where To Buy Marijuana in Bergamo

Cannabis Light is an excellent room fragrance, it is an ornamental product, collectible, for technical use and for all uses as per law 242/16.
The law decree of 2015 on therapeutic cannabis distinguishes and defines the therapeutic one envisaged with exclusive trade under the protection of pharmacists by prescription, consequently excluding non-therapeutic ones such as this legal hemp.Where To Buy Marijuana in Bergamo

Legal Hemp flowers are not for medical or food use or combustion.

We do not sell light cannabis to anyone under the age of 18.

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