where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona:Nowadays you have to be careful with the news that circulates on social media, and the hoax of the last few days is the confirmation.

The legal cannabis shop in Corso Amendola knows this very well, as suddenly rumors began to circulate about the alleged harmful effects of the products sold.where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

All the misunderstanding originated from a photograph taken by some boys , who passing in front of the Cannabis Store noticed that someone had felt bad and that the rescue had intervened.where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

They then immortalized everything immediately with their smartphone and uploaded the photograph to Facebook.where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

From that moment there was a real debate, centered on the fact that a cannabis store customer had been sick after consuming the products on sale.where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

Too bad that in reality it was a huge misunderstanding . The shop actually had nothing to do with it and on the contrary, the owners made themselves available to welcome the man who had felt ill and who had never entered that place before inside the restaurant.

The hoax shot on social media | where To Buy Cannabis in Ancona

When you publish a photograph on social networks, you know, you have to be careful because in less than no time you risk going around the web! That was exactly what happened: once the photo was uploaded to Facebook, the hoax that someone had felt bad after consuming cannabis spread within a moment. The comments were certainly not wasted and real debates opened: someone even spoke of an overdose and only a few people warned, advising them to wait for certain news before throwing themselves into endless speeches.

What actually happened?

The reality of the facts has proven completely different from that it supports in social media. A 70-year-old man, while passing on the sidewalk right in front of the shop, had a drop in pressure and collapsed on the ground. At that point, the owners of the Cananbis Store in Ancona brought him inside because it was raining outside and gave him the first aid, after calling 118 who arrived on the spot to transport the man to the emergency room. The 70-year-old had never entered the shop before and the illness has nothing to do with cannabis use!

The Amsterdam Cannabis Store: let’s clarify

What is sold in the Cannabis Store Amsterdam in Ancona is absolutely legal, because in the shop only cbd-based products and therefore THC-free are offered for sale. The latter is responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis, while cbd alone is a very useful active ingredient for many patients. It has a relaxing and relaxing effect , but let’s not talk about the real cannabis, that is the illegal one! To date, cbd is absolutely not considered a harmful or dangerous substance so talking about overdose is a big mistake. Better to check the facts before spitting sentences, even on social networks! Maybe it would have been more useful if these guys had photographed the numerous thefts that occurred in Ancona !

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