White Widow

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Buy White Widow Online

Buy White Widow Online

Buy White Widow Online in 1990s sativa that’s only gaining in popularity. White Widow. It’s no surprise, either. This weed is famous for its potent, yet very well-balanced high. The THC content of this weed can reach up to 25%.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 25%

CBD: 0.1%


White Widow has been popular among Amsterdam coffee shops since the 1990s. Though a Netherland’s native, this strain quickly traveled across the pond to North America. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, White Widow is a cross between a Brazillian heirloom strain and an Indian Indica.

Get ready for a truly pleasant experience with White Widow. Uplifting, energetic, and creative this strain cultivates an almost psychedelic headspace. Yet, you’ll still have plenty of wherewithal for engaged and intimate conversation. Recreational consumers will appreciate the sociability of this strain, as well as the expansive mood it cultivates.

As a well-balanced hybrid, this strain also comes with a healthy dose of full-body relaxation. Though this strain is often thought to be more mental than physical, you’re likely to feel your muscles loosen up. Many White Widow fans enjoy the light body numbness that this hybrid produces. Though this strain is energizing, the Indica heritage adds calmness to an otherwise cerebral high.

This strain is so heavily coated in white crystals that it looks almost white — no doubt where its name came from. It can be hard to pick out any other details under those thick white trichomes, but marijuana consumers will notice light green leaves with few pistils. Despite the heavily resinous nugs, these fluffy buds can be broken open without too much hassle.

Not just sugary in appearance, this strain has sweet flavors and aromas, with hints of earthiness and spice. Novice marijuana consumers are warned

Buy White Widow Online

Medical Benefits of White Widow

Medical marijuana consumers have many reasons to love this strain. In fact, the high THC content in this bud may be responsible for the wide variety of medical effects.

Patients have found it to be helpful with everything from PMS to mood disorders to Crohn’s Disease

This typically contains between 18 and 25% of the psychoactive THC, but this can also make it an effective anti-inflammatory

This strain can also be useful for treating insomnia

Order from us you will be very happy to have a test from our white widow.

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10 reviews for White Widow

  1. Gaston

    Strong blueberry and earthy aroma, Excellent strain for anytime in the day. Good for that boost of energy needed to get things done, and even better for effectively for winding down and relaxing. Overall one of the best strains out there

  2. Bachelot

    it’s great for overall relaxation at the end of the evening and i feel no paranoia or anxiety. in smaller doses, it’s great for daytime creative focus without draining my energy. the only downside for me is how harsh the throat hit is. definitely have to keep water close by!

  3. Roselyne

    First time smoked this back in my hs days and to this day remains to be in my top 5 sativa strains ( along with Greencrack ) It always gives a good rush ( not buzz! ) and always keeps me away from the phone and focused on what I need done

  4. Bolano

    The first higher THC strain I started my mmj journey with was a Blue Dream pre-roll (mostly due to the song) from Twisted Extracts. I took a hard hit and held it in. I had a warm feeling a few minutes later, and at about 15 minutes I had an all over body feeling hit, made me a bit anxious as it hit …

  5. Bombeck

    I tried this after it came highly recommended by people who obviously have much different brains than I do because I did not care for it at all. I didn’t feel much of anything with this one and it didnt last long cos I found myself need to hit my pen more often. It might have improved my mood slight…

  6. Erma

    I usually don’t smoke anything that has sativa in it, but this is good.

  7. Bonaparte

    Definitely one of my favorite strains. It more than lives up to its name. I had to make an account just to tell others what a great strain this is. After a great night out with friends, laughing, smoking, and playing board games, I went home and finally got in my bed. It felt like the perfect end to…

  8. Napoleon

    Excellent cerebral and body high. Solid energy and best of all, no anxiety at all.

  9. Bonhoeffer

    Kind of unpredictable. It can make me feel utter elation and happiness, but can also start up a feeling of thinness and regret if used unnecessarily. Strong highs are somewhat unpleasant in that they feel overactive mentally, while being physically impeding. Low highs will give a nice buzz in passio…

  10. Dietrich

    I have never been more productive and uplifted! I’ve heard great things about this strain and finally got my hands on it! I suffer from seasonal depression and this was the first time in weeks I’ve felt so upbeat. I don’t know that it’s a cure all, but definitely a great asset to my mental health …

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