QNTM Pods (JUUL compatible)




QNTM Pods JUUL compatible

I believe over time vaping will phase out traditional smoking methods such as rolling joints, pipes and bongs.

As technology evolves, vaporizers are becoming more sophisticated providing users several benefits such as potency, economical use, better taste, healthier consumption and overall more enjoyable.

I had the pleasure of trying the 91 Supreme CO² Vaporizer Kit which comes with a 0.7ml distillate cartridge which contains 400mg of THC, USB charger and the vape pen.

The vaporizer uses THC distillate which is derived from a CO2 extraction method which dilutes raw distillate from real cannabis terpenes. Using a cold-trapping technique the terpenes molecules are preserved. QNTM Pods JUUL compatible

how to use vape pen

91 Supreme CO2 Vaporizer

You can switch the heat settings on the pen by tapping on the end with your finger. The tip lights up in different colors that let you know the precise heat setting: Green (low-heat), blue (medium-heat) and purple (high-heat). QNTM Pods JUUL compatible

I have used several high-end vaporizers that cost in the hundreds, the 91 Supreme vape pen definitely provides bang for your buck.

I tested the 91 Supreme CO² Vaporizer Kit loaded with the Chem Scout cartridge with a few friends and everyone was very impressed.

The Chem Scout distillate which was included with the device provided exceptional flavour and a euphoric head high feeling completely relaxed. I would highly recommend trying the Chem Scout but looking forward to trying other distillates such as Rockstar or Notorious Duke Nukem.


Economical – With vaporizers in general you’ll find that a little goes a long way and users will typically experience better delivery. QNTM Pods JUUL compatible

Smooth draw – Unlike smoking which tends to cause you to inhale smoke which can hurt your lungs or cause you to cough, we all found it gave a very smooth and flavourful draw. This is definitely a healthier alternative to medicating.

Easy to use – some vaporizers and pens can take time to get used to. It only took a few minutes out of the box to figure it out and start using it.

Discrete usage – like all vape pens, you can consume this in public and I doubt nobody would really know what you were smoking. We actually shared it after dinner in my kitchen which didn’t leave any hint that we were smoking weed in my house. QNTM Pods JUUL compatible


There really wasn’t anything negative to say about the 91 Supreme CO² Vaporizer Kit. It was one of the best vape pens we’ve tested. QNTM Pods JUUL compatible

91 Supreme originates from British Columbia, Canada and is committed to providing high quality products which have set a benchmark in the cannabis industry. They have certainly earned the “Supreme” in their name. uct and recommend anyone to try the 91 Supreme Vape Kit.


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