Mango Sapphire

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Mango Sapphire

Mango  is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created through a cross of the classic Bubba’s Gift, OG Kush and Afghan strains.

Named for its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor, Mango Sapphire is perfect for any discerning indica lover.

Mango Sapphire buds have dense bright neon green nugs with thick orange hairs, rich blue undertones and a coating of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes.

As you pull apart each sticky little nugget, aromas of sweet citrus and fruity tropical lemon are released. Mango  is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such has muscle spasms or cramps, depression, insomnia, nausea or appetite loss and ADD or ADHD.

Flavours: Citrus, Fruity, Sweet
Medical Use: Stress, insomnia, pain, depression, nausea

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8 reviews for Mango Sapphire

  1. Aristotle

    At a time when the THC levels were high and increasing by the week it seemed, this strain still separated itself from the others. Easily on my Top 5 of All Time!

  2. Armstrong

    Nice buzz. I don’t recommend for relaxing.

  3. Edwin

    This strain will definitely get your creative juices flowing and put you in a great mood. It made me very talkative, giggly, and focused. It also made me hungry when I smoked it alone. In a group of people though, I am more engaged in the moments/situations.

  4. David

    loving this strain, giggling my ass off. Focused AF.

  5. Benjamin

    Blue Dream At the end of the day I wondered if I had ingested acid. I was sitting at a table loaded with food and afraid to stand. I cleared and cleaned up, mostly. I was slightly stupid. Stupefied. I was uncertain about where I was (a traveler’s hotel’s common kitchen. Knowing I was 20’ from and di…

  6. Walter

    Sex was great. My mind was focused on physical feelings. Relaxed and uplifted. Very little come-down fog.

  7. Benn

    bud light of weed

  8. Tony

    I have had some of the best sex of my life after smoking this. it is freeing and relaxes inhibitions. everything feels so good and I can completely get into the act while also having vivid fantasies. however if im not having sex, then I get very anxious when I smoke this strain.

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