Lindsay OG (Indica)

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Buy Lindsay OG (Indica) Online.

Buy Lindsay OG (Indica) Online.
Buy Lindsay OG (Indica) Online.

Buy Lindsay OG (Indica) Online. Green Sticky and smelly just what you want from this strain. Lindsay OG is very powerful flower that will be sure to satisfy all those heavy indica smokers. Enjoy!!


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Lindsay OG is an award-winning indica dominant strain.

It is most known for its potent sedative effects and wonderful pungent aroma. This powerful strain can sometimes be too powerful for the novice smoker as its couch locking effect and waves of euphoria can put you to sleep.

But, if you’re an advanced smoker, you will love this indica dominant strain as it’s a staff and patient favorite!

Best Use: One can expect to feel strong mental, and physical effects making this strain ideal for a night with all the comforts of home, followed by a deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Lindsay OG Kush is a unique strain with deep earthy flavor tones, with hints of pine and diesel finishing with a wonderful pungent aroma. Users will find themselves enjoying a taste that is truly in a category of its own starting strong and finishing with a smooth subtleness.

This powerful strain comes best recommended to the advanced smokers. Best known for its couch locking and highly sedative effects. Lindsay OG Kush can be enjoyed by those looking for a relaxing and low key experience under the effects of a high THC strain. If venturing out for the day a well sealed container is recommended to holster this pungent smelling bud, and don’t forget to pack snacks!

Flavours: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent

Medical Use: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Headaches

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9 reviews for Lindsay OG (Indica)

  1. Anthony

    you feel super relaxed, maybe even to relaxed. but you laugh easily, feel nice and forget stuff randomly. definitely recommend this bad boy.

  2. Susan B

    Nice ascent to happiness. Peaks with euphoric and focused energy. Great for wake n’ bake sessions and getting stuff done. Finishes with a smooth sailing into the meadows of relaxation.

  3. Antoniou

    One of my favorites, smells and tastes great!

  4. Alexander Graham

    Relaxed and dialed in all at once. Easy to focus. This is a great strain for almost anything.

  5. Belloc

    Smiles my cheeks bones 🙂 would consider using as a substitute for when I don’t have my ADHD medication

  6. Hilaire

    Well I will start like this my wife told me about Blue Dream which I had never tried, but she had so I went and bought some Blue Dream flower last night on my way home. I got home got all grocery bags carried in and then of course packed a bowl of Blue Dream. I started smoking and the flavor was A…

  7. Bellow

    I was unsure about how I would react to this strain considering I am incredibly sensitive to Sativas. However, I was BLOWN AWAY by how gentle, euphoric, calming, and enlightening this strain is. It also has an intoxicating smell that is very pleasing to the senses including taste; this strain also s…

  8. Saul

    Tastes amazing and feels pretty good, doesn’t hit me as hard as some of my other favorites but I smoke it and vape it for the taste alone.

  9. Benchley

    One of my favorites! I cranked up my stereo and sang loud to every song. I never do that. Especially when I’m not alone. Boosted my mood for sure, and sense of creativity and inspiration. Smells like tea and berries. One of my top favorites!!

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