King Kush

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King Kush, bred by Green House Seeds, derives from OG Kush and the elusive Grape strain. With gradual but powerful effects, King’s Kush is famous for its potency and shiny trichromes during flowering. This strain comes across as sweet and sour with a powerful and tangy grape scent, as well as some hints of lavender. The flowering time for King Kush is approximately 9 weeks, at which point purple and blue veins will appear on the plant. King Kush’s THC content can be up to 20%.

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About King Kush

“A King may only be King so long as you trust in his power and choose to let him keep it.” An appropriate quote for a powerful bud fit to its name and its duty. King Kush by Green House Seeds is bred of two royal houses, OG Kush and the ever elusive Grape Ape strains. This strong bud builds over time, gaining your trust before hitting like a ton of bricks and having you completely stoned and relaxed for hours on end.

As is expected with the Kush family, this hybrid packs a punch of THC that averages around 18% and boasts of a 70/30 indica-dominant blend. These tangy nugs smell of sweet grape and lavender and taste both sweet and sour, with hints of grapefruit and earthy tones – the perfect flavor contrasts to match its deceptive appearance. With dark green, leafy buds rich in purple undertones and frosty white trichomes, they give the illusion that they will be a soft and airy high, but as we know with this strain’s lineage, soft and airy is not likely.

There are some immediate happy and upbeat feelings that come with King Kush. After the first couple of hits, users will be left with a euphoria absent of body buzzes. This creeper body high comes on slowly, often leaving you to believe that you need more to ‘really feel it,’ but like a true Kush when it hits it hits hard. Be cautious of overdoing it as the effects are mighty and will have you silly stoned in just a short time. Your body will let go fully and the relaxation, bordering full on sleepiness, will sweep away any residual motivation.

King Kush is a top-notch sedative and is highly recommended for experienced users needing to find relief from insomnia, aches and pains, headaches, or muscle spasms. As it has the ability to uplift the mood and stimulate good feelings, it’s also beneficial to those suffering from mood disorders such as depression, stress, or anxiety. Though it is an all around great weed, it is not recommended for brand new or novice consumers.

The flowering time for this plant is around 9 weeks and will produce an above average yield if grown in the right conditions. This plant loves cool climates and will flourish in either indoor systems or outdoor gardens. When the strain has fully matured, purple and blue veins will appear on the stem of the plant.

Whether you are a medicinal or recreational user, this is an extremely enjoyable high for anyone with the experience to love a Kush of this strength. With flavors so perfect you’ll want to smear them on your breakfast toast and a fully relaxing high that takes you to dream town and beyond, you’ll be chanting “Long live the King!” before you even know it.

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8 reviews for King Kush

  1. Angell

    Absolutely love this strain, makes me want to get up and do things or laugh and go for a walk with friends.

  2. Norman

    Been in the system for 10 months now. I have a strain of choice addressing insomnia and muscle/nerve pain. But when I want to relax in the early eve with a good IPA and a light snack leading to mutual quality time with my partner … Blue Dream! It does calm stress and muscle/nerve pain without tot…

  3. Angelou

    Personally, not much of a buzz.

  4. Samuel

    I use this strain in my vape and I enjoy the flavour as well as the relaxing effects. Really chills me out without being too sedative.

  5. Beddoes

    I love this strain. But it’s weird to me that it’s voted more toward the “energizing” side of the spectrum bc I actually find it to be moderately sedating. I find it to be extremely effective for nausea, pain, stress and even insomnia. It’s definitely one of my top 5 and I am spoiled bc I know exact…

  6. Mick

    It’s everything they described one of my goto strains

  7. Beecher

    I had a full blown anxiety attack while on this strain. I was cold sweating and trembling and crying for no reason.

  8. Henry Ward

    Dont understand the hype. Tasty but way too clear headhigh for me. Not strong. If you need cannabis at work and be able to function its maybe good. For recreational use its boring & week. I also like strains that dont hit you with a ten ton hammer, maybe just feel chilled like on vacation, but Blue …

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