King Kush

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King Kush

King  derives from OG Kush and the elusive Grape strain. With gradual but powerful effects, King  is famous for its potency and shiny trichomes during flowering. This strain comes across as sweet and sour with a powerful grape scent, as well as some hints of lavender.


Flavours: Earthy Woody Sweet
Medical: Pain, insomnia, depression

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9 reviews for King Kush

  1. Maya

    My first sativa, I was pleasantly surprised by this strain. I was dreading a social event and had an amazing time because I felt more social, laid back and positive than usual.

  2. Anne

    A solid toke for morning or night. Or a mid-day delight. No drowsy impact yet a solid state of bliss.

  3. Anthony

    It’s good, but overhyped. Better than average but I wouldn’t get excited for it.

  4. Piers

    This requires a bit of setup, but bear with me. Last month after coming home from art school for the summer, I got my medical card for PTSD, and have been messing around with a few different strains to help treat me (and to pass the time) in a lonely quarantine at home. The stress of moving home rig…

  5. Beethoven

    This is an absolute MUST if you need to be on the go! Very nice but gentle energy, cerebral buzz not intense and just very satisfying for a morning to afternoon one. FIVE STARS!!! Very relaxing at same time as focused and creative. Good for neurological disorders but not for the THC nieve

  6. Ludwig van

    Amazing effects & extremely intense. I have never realized colors can be more beautiful and that a cooking show could be focused on without continuous hunger pain.

  7. Begin

    I suffer from high functioning depression, anxiety and social issues in crowded public places.Was comfortable to drive after taking this. For me- Very good at making me happy , euphoric, positive, but with this I felt in control of it all.( hence the comfortable to drive with). Was a fun high. I wal…

  8. Menachem

    I enjoyed this

  9. Bell

    It’s easily one of the most interesting highs I’d ever experienced. I was functional and productive but my creativity was through the roof. I loved it! 10/10

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