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Buy Harley Twin Weed Strain Online

Buy Harley Twin online

Buy Harley Twin Online is a CBD-rich, Sativa-dominant strain that inherits genetics from Harle-Tsu and Harlequin. This wellness-oriented combination has an alert buzz that is maintained by its balanced THC/CBD ratio, encompassing the mind in a soft haze while gently stimulating the body.

These effects coupled with the natural anti-inflammatory qualities inherent to Harley Twin can help turn down the dial on minor physical pain, stress, and nausea. Anticipate a grassy aroma with a hint of cherry sweetness after combustion/vaporization.

Firstly, Harley Twin is a CBD-heavy hybrid with potent pain-relieving properties.

Named for the double dose of CBD strain Harlequin in its genetics, this bud is a cross between Harlequin and its derivative Harle-Tsu.

Although it also has moderate levels of THC, Harley Twin may not come with a conventional high and may be of better use to those with chronic pain conditions.

Flowers of Harley Twin are medium-sized and maintain a spadelike, tapered shape.

Like those of parent strain Harle-Tsu, they have a seemingly sativa-inflected structure, with long leaves that are twisted together in a loose, fluffy-looking weave.

The leaves themselves are a yellowish-green and are twisted through with curly orange pistils and dewy, translucent trichomes.

Buy Harley Twin Weed Strain Online

About Harley Twin

Although Harley Twin’s effects take hold fairly quickly, they may not be immediately obvious because of their diminished psychoactivity.

In a relaxed set and setting with few distractions, smokers may notice some slight changes in sensory perception including a distortion of certain sights or sounds; an inexplicable feeling of time dilation in also possible.

Additionally, consumers may feel a progressive, grounded relaxation radiate outward through the core and limbs.

while users who are lucky enough to already be lounging might want to stretch out with a good book or movie.

Although Harley can allow for lucid thinking and coherent conversation,

also,it may outstrip consumers’ powers of concentration or motivation.

A relaxing, mildly-flavored smoke, Harley Twin is a great choice for smokers seeking a mild high hand and physically soothing properties.

It can be an especially good option for newcomers to THC.

Common Usage

firstly, Migraines
secondly, Depressed
also, Insomnia
A Loss of Appetite

Typical Effects

firstly, Social
also, Euphoric

Additionally, these Sativa buds suggest that crops reach flowering maturity within a relatively long 9 to 10 weeks.

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9 reviews for Harley Twin Weed Strain

  1. John

    Didnt like this at all gave me a headache alsonmad me anxious and was harsh on my throat everyone i know says positive things bout this stain but its not for me sorry

  2. Andersen

    At 23% not bad nice creative relaxing Adventure

  3. Hans Christian

    probably the most chill high i’ve ever had tbh. really light and flowy feeling, like it’s slowly rolling over me. i’m not feeling euphoric, but i am warm and very content. i decided to smoke because period pains + an aching tummy would not let me (or my boyfriend lol) sleep. i’m feeling sooo relaxe…

  4. Anderson

    By far the best flower I’ve ever smoked out of the 8 years!!!

  5. Beth

    Nice relaxing effects but not in a way that makes it complicated to form sentences. It feels like a sativa at first, followed by a hybrid strain

  6. Thomas Haynes

    I’m so high rn with this strain. I took one GB hit and laid on my couch then crashed. Top Five best strain for me

  7. Bazin

    I couldn’t count how many times iv had blue dream but this last blue dream joint I just got was so smooth and really good Best blue dream iv ever had by curio 27% THCa

  8. André

    Bought 3.5g of Elyon’s Blue Dream ( 20.17% THC – 0.10% CBD) and loaded a small trench in the mflb. The aroma and frostiness of the herbs are excellent. Very loud blueberry scented. The high is uplifting you can feel it near the eyes as well. Feels like the Haze kicks in. But the blueberry is keeping…

  9. Bean

    Its a really sweet, cherrish flavor. It has a very strong scent. Made me really energetic and a little ansious when i smoked it in a bong.

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