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Gelato Weed Strain

Gelato Weed Strain is a 55/45 Indica dominant hybrid bred by Cookie Fam Genetics. She is known for her sweet flavor with hints of blueberry, fruit and orange. When smoked Gelato smells of lavender, berries and citrus. UK best marijuana dispensary USA medical cannabis England

plants grow large grape-shaped buds with a nice layer of resin and orange hairs. Good for evening and daytime medical and recreational use.

  • Indica Dominant Hybrid (45% Sativa / 55% Indica)

TYPE OF HIGH Gelato Weed Strain

Buy Gelato-41 online marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by sedation. Improves concentration, boosts energy, uplifts mood. Relieves stress, has strong anti-inflammatory, antispastic and analgesic properties. Gelato-33 online spain buy marijuana online UK best marijuana dispensary USA medical cannabis England

Gelato cannabis strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

Indica / Sativa Ratio


UK best marijuana dispensary USA medical cannabis England


Gelato Experience

This marijuana strain is a top-shelf flower for a reason. UK best marijuana dispensary USA medical cannabis England

Giggly and sociable, it’s easy to find yourself in a dapper mood after a little of this herb. Many consumers notice the mental side of this strain first, tantalizing the mind with a creative and cerebral elevation.

Medical Benefits of Gelato

This powerful Hybrid strain can off medical marijuana patients relief from some mild- to moderate conditions and symptoms.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often turn to Gelato for relief from moderate aches and pains
  • Anyone who needs an appetite boost will love this purple-speckled bud. This flower is known to cause a bad case of the munchies in a hurry

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7 reviews for Buy Gelato Weed Strain

  1. Abrams

    2 drags off cart causes pain to subside and I can get something done. 3 drags and I will move slower and have a foggy brain. Has odd taste to me (not a connoisseur by any means) that wasn’t harsh or disgusting. Would purchase again.

  2. Alberti

    Amazing! I’m having a blue dream literally right now writing this…dont even know how or why I got to the point of doing a review. MUST TRY!

  3. Leone Battista

    one of my top 4 for nerve pains and Always put me in a good mood with 3 back surgeries & severe nerve damage I have had this in flower also smooth

  4. Albom

    Minty fresh Berry sweet

  5. Bangs

    The first strain I ever smoked. Amazing euphoria and lasts a nice amount of time. Very smooth taste always enjoy it. AZ always has some good batches of this A+

  6. Lester

    Starts as a hybrid, nice body high that balances well with a head high that isn’t speedy at all. No paranoia and overall feeling of elation. Ends it’s journey with a crashing wave of Indica. Super sleepy at the end of the high. Fantastic hybrid. Would recommend.

  7. Banhart

    Great strain

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