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Indica dominant Four Star General by Fire Bros is a beautifully potent mix of Tres Dawg and Star Dawg (2 Chem Dawg variants) This flower is excellent for night time and becoming one with the couch. I found I was lulled into a deep sleep and made it all the way until the morning.

Big chunky nugs for the general! These buds are beautiful with all the colors you know and love. The smoke hits stong like Patton. A great nighttime smoke that goes the distance!. Buy Marijuana Strain

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9 reviews for Four Star General

  1. John

    One of the best.

  2. Amaro

    Great strain for writers. The ideas come in a flood. Keep a pad handy! Love it.

  3. Rolim

    Mixed this with some White Fire and ran eight miles and worked three hours in the garden. Not for those who wish to chill, I could run a marathon on these two strains mixed.

  4. Amiel

    Yap dat was gooooood try it ur gonna like it!!!!

  5. Batch

    A very strong sativa head high that also leaves you relaxed. Tasted really good.

  6. Charlie

    My favorite strain. Comes on strong in an oil. Puts me in a happy mood quickly without gluing me to the couch or making me sleepy. I feel a sense of focus as well. Great for a nice day out for a hike or grilling out.

  7. Bathgate

    I had heard about blue dream on the street as far back as 2012, its a legendary sativa strain. Finally got to try the real thing from the dispensary today. Its probably the most clear headed weed I’ve ever smoked. It’s really easy to focus and think on this stuff. I played two games of Apex Legends …

  8. Andy

    This is the best if you just want to go all night long. Amazing upper and makes everything feel so good.

  9. Baudelaire

    Well.. this is a hard hitter. If you get any with high thc content be ready for some intoxication quickly in the mind and body, but it can be relaxing and the muscle relaxation and pain killing qualities make this such a good strain for that. On the negative it can be a little anxiety inducing but y…

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