Ecuador Mushroom




The Ecuador Mushroom strain was initially found at 1100+ m of altitude in the Highlands Region of Ecuador. The Andean region is the most visited region in Ecuador. It is very vitiated in terms of natural diversity. It runs the length of Ecuador and splits the country in two from north to south.

The effects of the Ecuador Mushroom can vitiate from person to person, but reports suggest that they can induce you into a euphoric state of mind that is dreamy and quite relaxing. There are also reports of visual experiences.

The initial effect can be very intense, no wonder the Shamans of the Andean regions favored this strain for their rituals, as you can enter and back out from states like a powerful tide in a seafront harbor.

Psychonauts love the Ecuador Mushroom because of the clean, spiritual effects and lack of body high that most Magic Mushrooms can give you.

When looking at various sites, notably Erowid, mycotopia and Shroomery, you will find that people report strong highs at first, becoming more chill as you enter into the high. The spiritual aspect of the high comes out the most.

Keep in mind that the kind of trip will depend on many elements: personality, where you are, whom you are with, what you ate and if you are mixing up with other substances or alcohol (it is best not to do this). It can be an amazing experience, some say a life-changing experience if you follow basic rules the we outlay further down.

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