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Sour Diesel for medical use

You will find yourself talkative and relaxed

Buy Sour Diesel Online. is considered a “Top Cash Crop” by experts. This extra-dank weed breed delivers an energetic, psychedelic high. Also known by the name “Sour D,” this world-famous strain has a presence that’s really strong and reeks of fuel. You’re left ready to tackle your accomplishments, instead of feeling “couch lock,” allowing you to have a good time filled with good vibrations.

This sativa-dominant cannabis is mixed with 60% sativa and 40% indica. It’s fast-acting and delivers cerebral effects that leave you feeling dreamy and energized. As a medical cannabis strain, it offers some very effective medicinal qualities. Consumers use it to help combat and get long-lasting relief from depression, pain, stress and other ailments.

Sour Diesel seeds grow into tall plants with 20% THC and 0.20% CBD contents. These plants grow best in sunny, warm climates. They are prone to powdery mildew, so experts place their growth level at hard. But, with the right growing techniques, these plants can flourish both indoors and outdoors.

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7 reviews for Buy Sour Diesel Online

  1. Adams

    It is one of the first strains I have ever smoked, and I have tried a lot of strains since then. Blue dream has stood the test of time in my heart and is my favorite strain to this day. It’s the perfect strain for being energized while feeling an all around great high. Highly reccomend.

  2. Muhammad

    2 drags off cart causes pain to subside and I can get something done. 3 drags and I will move slower and have a foggy brain. Has odd taste to me (not a connoisseur by any means) that wasn’t harsh or disgusting. Would purchase again.

  3. Ali

    Really awesome sativa! I smoke everyday, I would consider myself a veteran smoker and in my opinion this is a lovely sativa because you feel high without intrusive and over active thoughts and you also don’t feel sluggish or lazy so that’s a huge plus. It definitely wakes you up and gives you a litt…

  4. Tariq

    Being from the west coast, BD was one of the 1st strains I ever smoked, so there will always be a sense of nostalgia when I smoke it. But putting my bias aside, it’s 4 stars because it looks, smells and tastes amazing almost every time I get it.. but the euphoria and high I look for when smoking hyb…

  5. John Perry

    It’s one of my favorite strains, and I’ve been smoking for about 7 years now

  6. Barnes

    all time favorite, has that quality old school great taste. very smooth ride.

  7. Jack

    this is my first medical strain and it checked all the boxes. I felt relief for once.

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