Buy Lemon Lime OG (Sativa) Online

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Buy Lemon Lime OG (Sativa) Online.

Buy Lemon Lime OG (Sativa) Online

Buy Lemon Lime OG (Sativa) Online. We’ll start off by saying that this is one of the most clear minded and uplifting highs any of us have ever experienced – mainly due to the beauty of the East Coast Sour Diesel. The journey begins when you open the bag and instantly smell the lemonade goodness of the strain. If you dig a little deeper you will start to get hints of chocolate almost.

Let’s dive into East Coast Sour Diesel a little bit… it’s a fast-acting attitude lifter that users love for its truly sativa effects. This strain has a sour lemon smell and taste that’s crisp and uplifting.

Now let’s dive a little bit into the wonderful Thai strain that makes up 1/3 of the genetics. There is weed so old school that there is no real record of where it came from other than the country it came from. Thai is one of those strains, and it is a real feel good all around kind of strain.

Lastly, for more info checkout the Trainwreck page. Basically, Trainwreck brings the powerhouse attitude to the flower. It’ll give you that boost of euphoria that you’re looking for.

In conclusion, try this. Don’t skip it. Try it.

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue
THC: 20%


1/2  Ounce For $190

1 Ounce For $290

1/8 Pound For $460

1/4 Pound For $710

1/2 Pound For $1100

A Pound  For $1800

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OG Kush for sale is one of the most famous varieties of the marijuana world, a legendary strain, popular around the world, and currently in record demand in countries like the United States, its resin-packed buds selling at unprecedented prices.
Much of this is due to its delicious lime and diesel flavor, along with its prize-winning potency, making it a favorite for many growers.

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8 reviews for Buy Lemon Lime OG (Sativa) Online

  1. Jane

    Great for daytime pain relief.

  2. Alexie

    Always a lovely, happy high. Beautiful mind effects and very relaxing yet I can still walk to the refrigerator and not lose my way or wonder why I went there. 😉 a Top 5 fave

  3. Sherman

    By far one of my favorite strains above all else. The name fits it right- you will feel like you are in a dream filled with euphoria and giggles and overflowing joy. Definitely helps if you are an over thinker like me. It also really helped with my chronic pain.

  4. Al-Hallaj

    Blue Dream 23.39 THC 4/02/20 Cultivator: Matter Well cured buds with milky trichomes. Hints of blueberry and sweetness, but the aroma was mild. Moderate peppery taste graduating to hints of light berries, though the strain was not significantly flavorful. A nice dense, thick smoke that pro…

  5. al-Sadr

    I gave a 2 because i cant give a two and a 1/2. Likely my least favorite strain. I really wish people would stop pushing it. Looks good, smell alright but when it comes to buzz, no punch to it. Only reason they keep growing and pushing it on everyone is because it is low maintenance, forgiving and …

  6. Barbauld

    Blue Dream was my real starter, and it blew me away! I felt all giggly and dreamy. The blue taste comes and goes, but the dreamy airheadedness always comes. Perfect for when you really want to chill.

  7. Anna Letitia

    Really good for anxiety and destressing and I wasn’t paranoid at all

  8. Barclay

    Awesome! The Best! My friend let me try Blue Dream, and I really enjoyed the taste and the Buzz!

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