Blueberry Kush

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Buy Blueberry Kush Online

Buy Blueberry Kush Online

Buy Blueberry Kush Online is as luscious as it sounds and is indeed a treat for cannabis users. At up to an insane 24% THC, it is a very potent Indica strain.

Bred in Oregon by Kush Seeds, Blueberry Kush is an offspring of two well-loved strains. In fact, its name is a combination of the predecessors Blueberry and OG Kush.

No doubt the anticipation of using it especially for the first time must be excruciatingly exciting at the prospect of taking a hit from an incredibly powerful strain. With up to 24% THC, it is a heavy-hitting Indica strain that is perfect for evening use.

Besides its sheer potency, perhaps the more compelling reason for using it is because of its parents. First, the Blueberry. It is arguably the best smelling hybrids of all time. Having been around for over 40 years, it is also widely recognized for its relaxing effects.

OG Kush, on the other hand, is considered as the backbone of many others on the Western Coast of the United States. Among its most notable traits is its ability to crush stress by providing a euphoric head high.

The popularity of these two strains is such that it is a sin for cannabis aficionados not to have heard of them.

Naturally, in coming across Blueberry Kush for the first time, there is a lot of expectations among its first-time users. To that end, it certainly does not disappoint.

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17 reviews for Blueberry Kush

  1. Abel

    If it was someones first time smoking this would be the strain did suggest ultra hello not really couch lock or ssenergetic just a well balanced tastefully smoke

  2. Spiro

    Amazing relaxation and head space

  3. Ahbez

    My first sativa, I was pleasantly surprised by this strain. I was dreading a social event and had an amazing time because I felt more social, laid back and positive than usual.

  4. Bruce

    This is a beautiful strain. I smoke it and get knocked of my ass. I have little to no anxiety when I smoke this strain. LOVE IT.

  5. Bainimarama

    Blue dream is by far my favorite daytime strain. It smells amazing and gives a good balanced high to feel relaxed with enough energy to get things done.

  6. Frank

    The high is euphoric and energetic, perfect for when you’re feeling a little down.

  7. Pik

    after smoking this I got the best sleep I have ever gotten. if I need a good night’s sleep this is my go to strain.

  8. Boutroux

    after smoking this I got the best sleep I have ever gotten. if I need a good night’s sleep this is my go to strain.

  9. Pierre

    When I’m having a bad day I can turn to Blue dreams and feel wonderful again.

  10. Bowen

    When I started reviewing marijuana on Leafly my first review was a very simple one: ‘fav strain to use at school.’ Now that I’m trying to do more in depth reviews on my favorite strains i thought this would be a good strain to start on. This is my first encounter with Blue Dream itself. However i…

  11. Brando

    very clean feel

  12. Marlon

    I have smoked both concentrate and flower of Blue Dream on multiple occassions. This strain is very well known and loved by a lot of people I know personally. Whether you smoke it in concentrate or flower form, Blue Dream will give you a relaxing high that will help you sleep if needed, but won’t st…

  13. Braque

    There aren’t many stains I find massively overrated, this is the one strain I avoid like the plague. So utterly mediocre in every way. Flavor is weak, in a whip vape the flavor dies quickly & if smoking it I go immune to all effect. I refer to it as the lightweight’s delight. .

  14. Georges

    My favorite, makes you calm and focused, never paranoid,

  15. Braun

    Great strain!

  16. Brothers

    excellent High long-lasting mind-boggling and body high not very often you get the two combined

  17. Joyce

    Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably read other reviews of this strain and thought, “Wow, this strain seems to be pretty awesome.” Well, I’m here to tell you they’re all correct. This strain is great for unwinding after work. Have some before cooking dinner, eat, smoke some more, then prepare …

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