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Marijuana in Lyon

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The store Nativus offers legal cannabis products near Place Valmy

Marijuana in Lyon:Lyon has joined Paris as one of the few places in France with legal cannabis stores, as the first one opens in the 9th arrondissement near Place Valmy.

Nativus sells legal cannabis products that contain less that 0.2% of THC. © Nativus

A cannabis store had already opened in Paris, profiting from a grey area in a law that allows commercialized CBD, or cannabidiol, products so long as the quantity of THC doesn’t exceed 0.2%.Marijuana in Lyon

These new stores sell beauty products, oils, creams, herbal teas, and cakes, as well as cannabis flowers that are meant for infusions but can also be smoked.

However, to remain within legality, the store has to focus on food products. It’s legal in France to use hemp for commercial purposes involving food and construction, so any products sold need to capitalize on that.

As for the government, its taking another look at the law to clarify the grey area these stores exist in.Marijuana in Lyon

Marijuana in Lyon

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