Buy Marijuana In Florida

Buy Marijuana In Florida

Buy Marijuana In Florida finally legalized medical marijuana in November 2016. An incredible 71% of residents voted in favor of Amendment 2. It came two years after the same vote failed. The initiative initially legalized MMJ for patients with conditions such as ALS, PTSD, AIDS, and glaucoma.

After initial protests against the new legislation in certain quarters, Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law in June 2017. It took a considerable period for Florida to finally get its act together concerning providing MMJ to qualified patients. Indeed, up until March 2019, it was illegal to smoke cannabis in the state.

Today, the program is relatively well-established, and it costs $75 to apply for a card. You can only purchase cannabis products from a licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC). In this guide, we look at the different locations where MMJ is available. We also look at the top-performing brands.

At the time of writing, there are over 306,000 MMJ patients in Florida. We hope this article proves useful to some of you!

Vertical Integration – Does It Hurt the Market?

At present, there are approximately 230 licensed dispensaries in Florida. As we outline later on, there are a handful of brands that seemingly control the market. As a result, there are only 22 licensed operators, and only 14 actively produce and dispense products. This is a far lower number than many states with significantly smaller MMJ programs.

It seems as if the current ‘vertical integration’ system is creating a cartel of companies with deep pockets.

In Florida, all marijuana organizations are responsible for growing, processing, and distributing their products. There is no allowance for cooperation or subcontracting barring a handful of exceptional circumstances.

In 2019, a firm called Blue Dream Industries listed two licenses to grow MMJ in Florida. One was ‘on sale’ for $40 million, and permits the owner to operate a maximum of 30 retail stores. The other license cost $55 million and allows the buyer to open 35 retail stores. License holders also receive a greenhouse for cultivation.

In Florida, some companies have purchased licenses for $67 million! Small, independent organizations have no chance of getting involved in the industry.

The vertically integrated system means that, in theory, the cannabis you get in one dispensary should vary significantly from others. One would hope this would result in high-quality weed across the board. However, as the MMJ industry is such a closed shop, there is a danger of the standard leveling out.Buy Marijuana In Florida

What Can an MMJ Cardholder Buy in Florida?

At present, the law states that a physician can’t certify more than six x 35-day supplies of smokable marijuana for a single patient. In rare cases, a patient can ask for an exception from the Florida Department of Health. Incidentally, a 35-day supply is capped at 2.5 ounces.Buy Marijuana In Florida

Also, MMTCs cannot sell more than a 70-day supply of marijuana in all forms at one time. Cardholders are allowed to possess a maximum of four ounces of smokable cannabis at one time. The MMJ law does not permit cannabis cultivation, so you have no option but to visit an MMTC.Buy Marijuana In Florida

Dispensaries in Florida are not the same as those in locations such as Colorado. You will not see the product in glass jars for inspection. Instead, the cannabis is packed tightly in containers, and you are not able to see the standard of the produce. Also, it is sold by strain and weight, so patients don’t have the option of browsing through jars to see the best-looking weed.Buy Marijuana In Florida

Dispensaries are dotted around the state, but you may still face a lengthy drive depending on where you live. The law also entitles MMJ patients to purchase ‘delivery devices’ for their smokable marijuana. This means you can buy bongs and pipes in MMTCs.Buy Marijuana In Florida

If you happen to live far away from a dispensary, you can avail of a delivery service from certain brands. Yes, you can order your cannabis, and someone will bring it to your home!

Aside from smokable flower, you can purchase extracts, oils, and tinctures. The state government eventually released guidelines regarding edibles in Florida. Now, MMTCs can only sell edibles with a maximum of 10mg of THC per serving, and 200mg in total. Patients under the age of 21 can’t purchase edibles with a THC of over 10%.Buy Marijuana In Florida

Where Can I Purchase MMJ in Florida? | Buy Marijuana In Florida

As we mentioned earlier, there are only 14 companies with licenses that actively grow, process, and sell cannabis in Florida:Buy Marijuana In Florida

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